pammiejaneMy love for quilting.
That’s why you’re here isn’t it? ‘Cause this is a quilting blog? Welp, I’ve always loved sewing. My grandmother made all of my mom’s (and her 5 siblings’) clothing when she was young. I would constantly raid her stash when I was a kid, whip up things on her sewing machine and my cousins and I would make huge messes fashion shows in her basement. We’d also mix up her nail polishes, create explosions in her pop fridge (if you’re from the Pittsburgh area, you know what this is…because everyone there has one!) trying to make slushies in the freezer, and in general cause a lot of trouble.

But anyway…quilting…

One day, I guess my mom and grandma got sick of me breaking using their sewing machines, and bought me my own. I made a lot of Barbie clothes. And a lot of mistakes. But the more I practiced, the more I loved it. As a young adult, I found a box of ready-to-be-discarded quilting books and supplies at my grandma’s, and from my first attempt, I was hooked.

Now quilting is a daily occurrence. It keeps me sane. I also love to collect antique and/or vintage quilts and quilt tops. My favorite is a pink-sashed feedsack quilt. I don’t know who made it, but their seams and hand quilting are impeccable. I’ve never seen another that is quite so gorgeous.

I Have An Auto-Immune Disorder.
Not gonna lie, most days it kicks my trash. My body is falling apart on me and I don’t know always know why. But I refuse to let this define who I am and what I do. My husband gave me some sage advice: don’t let anyone (or anything) force you to give up your dreams. Some days I just wanna give up. But I just keep on keepin’ on with the hope that we’ll figure out what is that plagues me and how to treat it.

I Have a Deep, Dark, Inappropriate Sense of Humor.
I spend a considerable portion of my day laughing at inappropriate memes, web-comics, etc. I love to laugh. It keeps me young. I don’t share most of the things I think are funny on my personal social media because I’m fairly certain I’d get un-friended. Also, I claim sarcasm as my second language.

I Have Made-For-Television Husbands.
Truth. Before my husband and I were married, I had long-standing love affairs with both Jim Halpert (The Office) and Jack Shepherd (LOST). Which leads me to my next point…

I Am a Television Addict.
I have been known to devour whole series’ of TV shows in ridiculously short periods of time (thank you, Netflix). And then obsess over ever detail in them via Wikipedia and IMDB. I need the background noise to keep me going while I quilt.

Kids: I Have Them.
Four, to be exact. And I find motherhood to be simultaneously the most challenging and rewarding thing I’ve ever done. Each child presents both his (or her) own unique challenges and rewards.

Perfectionism: I Have That Too.
I am the world’s biggest perfectionist. Which generally leads me to believe that everything I do has fatal flaws. It gives me constant drive to do and be better, but it also constantly drives me (and my husband) insane.

Jack Jill of all Trades, Master of None.
I went to school for music, then art, and ended up 30 credit hours short of a bachelor’s degree in accounting, which I hate. I have zero intention of ever pursuing a career in it. My photographic memory made it really easy for me to memorize graphs, charts, and tables, which is the majority of accounting. But I hate it. HATE. I need to be creative and there is nothing creative about accounting. I was lured in by the stability of the career field and the lucrative-ness (Yeah, pretty sure that’s not a word. LOL). I will take being poor and doing something I love over having money and hating my job any day!

Thanks for stopping by!